Throat Herbal Soft Candy

Smooth Dual-Layer Texture Throat Lozenge

Made with Ganoderma and natural herbal extracts, featuring a cool outer layer and a unique inner core of Ganoderma mycelium for natural throat protection.

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  • Loquat leaf, Poria cocos, tangerine peel, lotus seed, monk fruit, Ganoderma lucidum solid-state cultivated mycelium powder, honey.
  • Storage:Avoid direct sunlight, high temperature, and humidity.
  • Shelf Life:3 years
  • Net Weight:30 lozenges per pack.
  • Usage:Take 1 lozenge at a time, chew according to personal preference.
  • ► Product Insurance: This product is insured for NT$50 million in product liability (insured amount, not the claimable amount).
  • ► Manufactured under international quality standards.
  • ► The Ganoderma raw materials have passed a 90-day safety test and are approved by TFDA (Taiwan Food and Drug Administration) for record keeping.
  • ► Product testing has passed food safety inspections for criteria including microorganism, heavy metals, multiple pesticide residues, plasticizers, and absence of Western medicine contaminants.
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