Notice Letter Prior to Personal Data Collection

TAIWAN LEADER BIOTECH CORP. (hereinafter referred to as "TAIWAN LEADER " or "the Company") When you visit the store established by us authorized by our official website service provider CYBERBIZ, in order to ensure the protection of consumers' personal data, privacy, and consumer rights during the transaction process, we will use consumers' personal data. Hereby, in accordance with Article 8 of the Personal Data Protection Act, we inform you of the following matters:

1. Purpose of Personal Data Collection:

Business and technical information, customer management, membership management, marketing statistical surveys and research analysis, personal data transactions, other business needs in accordance with the registered business items or articles of association, other financial services (statutory specific purpose project numbers: 090, 052, 040, 157).

2. Categories of Personal Data Collected:

(1) Personally Identifiable Information: Such as consumer's name, address, phone number, mobile phone number, date of birth, account information for online platforms, email address, etc.

(2) Personal Descriptions: Such as gender, nationality, date of birth, etc.

(3) Personally Identifiable Account Holders: Other numbers or account information related to individuals.

(4) Lifestyle: Types of consumer goods and service details, personal or household consumption patterns, etc.

(5) Financial Transactions: Such as payment methods, transaction records.

(6) Agreements or Contracts: Such as transactions, commercial, legal, or other contracts.

3. Utilization Period, Region, Recipients, and Methods:

(1) Period: In accordance with legal requirements or the necessary retention period for business operations by the Company.

(2) Region: Consumer personal data will be used in the Asian region.

(3) Recipients and Methods of Use: In addition to being used for the Company's membership and customer management functions, consumer personal data collection will have the following uses:

(4) Item Shipping: When shipping related goods, consumer personal data will be used for delivery to relevant logistics and mailing companies for the purpose of item shipping.

(5) Financial Transactions and Authorization: Financial-related information provided by consumers will be submitted to financial institutions during financial transactions (such as credit card authorization, transfers) to complete financial transactions.

(6) Marketing: The Company will use consumers' addresses, emails, and phone numbers for the promotion and marketing of the Company's or affiliated partners' products.

4. According to the law, individuals have the following rights regarding personal data, but the Company may charge necessary and reasonable processing fees:

(1) Inquiry or request for access.

(2) Request for copies.

(3) Request for supplementation or correction.

(4) Request for cessation of collection, processing, or use.

(5) Request for deletion.

5. Consumers are free to choose whether to exercise the above legal rights. However, if they choose not to provide personal data, they may not be able to continue to use all or part of the services on this website, and the Company may also be unable to fulfill relevant rights or obligations (such as financial or logistics processes during transactions).

Consumers can contact the Company's customer service at 0800-676-999 or email customer service at for inquiries or applications.

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