Scientific name:Antrodia cinnamomea (Taiwanfungous camphoratus)

The Ruby of The Forest

Niu-Chang-Chih, also known as the "forest ruby," is known for its fragrant aroma and bitter taste. It typically grows in damp and dark environments and is commonly found on Cinnamomun kanehirae trees in Taiwan's mountainous areas between 450-2000 meters above sea level. Due to its specific host, slow growth, and difficulty in cultivating, it is rare and expensive, and is currently the most expensive edible mushroom in Taiwan.

King of Mushrooms

Niu-Chang-Chih is often compared to lingzhi mushroom due to its similar appearance and growing environment. According to the famous Chinese medicine book "Shennong Bencaojing," lingzhi mushroom is considered the highest-ranking medicine in the "upper medicine" category. However, Niu-Chang-Chih been consumed for over 200 years in folk medicine, is believed to have even greater medicinal benefits and is thus known as the "king of mushrooms."


International Publications

In the past 20 years, the biotechnology industry has invested heavily in researching and developing the Niu-Chang-Chih market. More than 400 studies on the edible fungus have been published in international journals and over 500 Taiwanese theses have been written about it. Research on Niu-Chang-Chih covers a wide range of topics, including adjusting physique, maintaining health, post-illness recovery, promoting metabolism, and enhancing mental vitality, etc. It can be seen that Niu-Chang-Chih is not only widely studied and applied in Taiwan but also gradually gaining international attention.

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