The era of the first pair of shoes.

The seed of the health industry.



Founder Mr. Lin didn't wear his first pair of shoes until he was in the fourth grade of elementary school. Growing up in poverty, relying on sweet potatoes, it was a time of scarce healthcare resources. People back then always helped each other regardless of their own difficulties. However, from a young age, Mr. Lin witnessed elderly relatives and neighbors falling ill due to overwork and lack of medical resources. Adults often brewed herbal medicine over a fire, which seemed to be the way of healthcare in those days.

Such an atmosphere was like a seed quietly planted in the heart of the founder, Mr. Lin, who was still a child at that time, waiting for it to grow. When he finally encountered the new generation of Taiwanese endemic "Niu-Chang-Chih," he didn't hesitate to combine expertise and technology to create human health.


Because of its rarity, it is only given away and not sold.


︱Starting from taking care of those around him, it's given away for free, not sold.︱

In 2006, he decided to produce Niu-Chang-Chih health products himself and founded Taiwan Lide Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Besides using the products himself, due to the initial production being both precious and rare, he had no choice but to start by taking care of those around him. Therefore, they were only given away for free, not sold.

After more than a year of only giving away the products, as the demand for health and wellness continued to grow among friends, it became necessary to ensure a secure source of Cut-log Cultivation of T. camphoratus and to control the supply of Cut-log Cultivation of T. camphoratus raw materials. In 2009, further planning began to establish a factory in the National Science Park in Taichung. Additionally, with official support, efforts were made to rehabilitate and cultivate Niu-Chang Tree. This was aimed at achieving the mission of producing the most trustworthy products. From then on, it marked the beginning of a strong guarantee for the company's sustainable operation.


Do a little more than others, and you won't get tired of persisting.


︱Having responsibility and a mission, so persisting to the end.︱

In 2008, when we delved deeply into the Niu-Chang-Chih industry, we were still very young, full of ideals and aspirations. We engaged in afforestation and planting to obtain excellent raw material sources. We applied for certifications to ensure product safety and efficacy. We acquired patents to demonstrate professional expertise. We received awards to showcase our achievements. We developed new drugs to make the world aware of us. All of these efforts were made with the hope of bringing health to humanity.

Over the next decade or so, each achievement was supported by industry, government, and academia, and required months to over two years to accomplish. Because we have a responsibility and a mission for Niu-Chang-Chih, we persist until the end, always full of vitality and ready to embark on new journeys.

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