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The only Immunomodulator Certified Antrodia cinnamomea (TFDA No.A00190) By choosing the best strain⋯
NT$1,782 NT$1,980
★Exclusive cultivation technology of Antrodia cinnamomea granules using cultivated Antrodia cinnamom⋯
NT$5,400 NT$6,000
Stretch and relax, invigorate and comfort, with a fragrant aroma and a penetrating coolness. .Certif⋯
NT$150 NT$300
Throat Herbal Soft Candy ★Soft and hard throat lozenges with a dual-textured sensation ★Made from A⋯
NT$810 NT$900
Smooth circulation, more freedom in life! Full of energy, promotes metabolism, boosts vitality. .Hig⋯
NT$1,280 NT$1,980
Calm and soothe the mind, relieve stress, relax, and enjoy a peaceful sleep. .Top-quality addition t⋯
NT$1,280 NT$1,980
Carbohydrate metabolism feels more balanced with noticeable regulation!!! Balancing adjustments, pro⋯
NT$1,280 NT$1,980
Highly efficient compound, doubling the brightness effect! Bright and radiant, moisturizing and hyd⋯
NT$1,280 NT$1,980
Enhance protection, nourish vitality, and feel the benefits of circulatory health!!! .Carefully sele⋯
NT$1,280 NT$1,980
★Rheumatic muscle pain, cuts and wounds, insect bites, stomach ache and bloating. ★First approved me⋯
★ Vigor Boost Enhanced Formula ★ Switch on seamlessly, bid farewell to the ticking clock! ★ Nourish,⋯
NT$2,142 NT$2,380
★Patented free-form lutein, crystal clear and most potent. ★Black soybean hull polyphenols contain n⋯
NT$1,620 NT$1,800
★Active ingredients similar to wild fruiting body. ★Contains unique triterpenes found in Niu-Chang-C⋯
★Exclusive addition of the extract from the fruiting body of the Taiwan-specific species Ganoderma l⋯
NT$99 NT$149
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