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★ Vigor Boost Enhanced Formula ★ Switch on seamlessly, bid farewell to the ticking clock! ★ Nourish,⋯
NT$2,142 NT$2,380
★Soft and hard throat lozenges with a dual-textured sensation ★Made from Antrodia cinnamomea (Niu-ch⋯
★Patented free-form lutein, crystal clear and most potent. ★Black soybean hull polyphenols contain n⋯
NT$1,620 NT$1,800
★Active ingredients similar to wild fruiting body. ★Contains unique triterpenes found in Niu-Chang-C⋯
A formula for maintaining vitality and regulating physiological functions, ensuring uninterrupted d⋯
NT$1,200 NT$1,800
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