Cinnamomum Kanehirae Hayata

Cinnamomum kanehirae Hayata


Medium and Low elevation of Taoyuan (Jiaoban Mountain in Fuhsing), Miaoli (Nanjhuang, Sanwan, Dahu), Nantou (Shueili, Sinyi, Puli), Kaohsiung (Liouguei), mountainous areas of Hualien and Taitung, etc.

Cinnamomum kanehirae Hay. is a unique species in Taiwan. The trees are sturdy and huge, so people in Taiwan call it “Niu-Chang” means that the tree is growing as strong as a bull. It is difficult for the sticky entomophilous flowers of Cinnamomum kanehirae Hay. to pollinate among female trees. Especially, the flowers grow on the top crown of the tree where the wind blows them away. Sometimes, the seeds are eaten by birds and animals before maturity so that seed collecting is challenging. Even some seeds are survived in the natural environment, they died because of the insufficient light in the woods, the thick leaves block the bedding on the ground, and so on. It is hard to be reproduced by seeds. Therefore the research on asexual reproducing has been taken by Taiwan Forestry Research Institute a decade ago. Now they found the grafting technique is proved to be successful and the plantlet of Cinnamomum kanehirae Hay. can be mass produced.

Reference: Taiwan Forestry Exhibition Hall, Taiwan Forestry Research Institute