Taiwan Leader Biotech Corp.

Taiwan Leader Biotech Corp. was established in 2006, on the belief of “safety, quality, and expertise”. We achieve competitive advantage by conduct production technology research with academia, industry, and government. To deliver the safest, most effective and highest quality products to our customers, Taiwan Leader Biotech Corp. constantly improves product lines by conduct rigorous scientific researches (animal experiment) and innovate and develop better manufacturing professional techniques.

Through the strategic location of our Biotech Research and Development Center Taiwan Leader Biotech Corp. has concluded the effectiveness of the native Taiwanofungus camphoratus (Antrodia cinnamomea) and certification via joint research efforts of government institutions and world-known universities. Presently, Taiwan Leader Biotech Corp. actively involves in the development and research of herbal medicine. Taiwan Leader Biotech Corp is hopeful that the research of these health supplements contributes to the prevention of disease, and also strikes for excellence to become the core researcher and supplier of edible fungi and other health supplements in Taiwan, China, Japan, and other southeast Asian countries. Eventually, Taiwan Leader Biotech Corp. aims to become the pioneer of the Biotechnology industry in Taiwan and develop herbal medicines to improve everyone’s health in the world.

With respect to our company’s strong belief and determination of quality control, we have gained support and investment from Formosa Biomedical Technology Corp. It is currently one of the largest core shareholders.

R&D Center in CTSP is the core laboratory for technology research and development, feedstock production and quality assurance analysis. The R&D Center was evaluated and approved by National Science Council and six universities. We became the first company that contain the cut-log cultivation techniques of Taiwanofungus camphoratus (Antrodia cinnamomea) in Central Taiwan Science Park in Aug, 2009. In addition, we have obtained international certification of production process ISO22000/HACCP in Nov, 2011.

At CTSP, we conduct not only rigorous enhancement of production technology, but also participate in numerous research projects with government institutions and academia. We are hopeful that through these research projects and current stage of development, we can explore botanic drug and health supplements based on Taiwanofungus camphoratus(Antrodia cinnamomea) manufacture the products that benefit the health of humankind. Finally, we are also like to promote our products and let the world aware the effect of Taiwanofungus camphoratus (Antrodia cinnamomea) in Taiwan.

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